Benefit of Consuming Dairy Products

Milk and dairy products are one of the most nutritious food groups. In addition to have many nutritional content, it’s good to make milk and other dairy products a favorite of many people. For those of you who do not have allergies to milk and dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt, you can create a healthy food menu everyday such as using your favorite cheese,  although it has a fat content, cheese also has great benefits for the body.

What are the facts about the nutrients contained in milk and its dairy products? What benefits can be given to health?

A study in Sweden found that those who consumed milk and milk products daily, more than eight servings, had a lower risk of 23 percent exposed to type 2 of diabetes than those who ate one serving. So, what the food we have to eat should be low fat milk? In this study researchers found no association between low-fat milk with the risk of drowsy

There is a lot of food that is included in dairy products, ranging from milk in the form of liquid, powder, full skim milk and low fat. Cheese, yoghurt, butter not margarine, and ice cream is also included in dairy products.

Nutrient content is abundant in milk and its dairy products, ‘unfortunately’ coupled with fat content is also not small. This makes some people become careful in consuming milk and its products.

But calm down, nowadays many dairy products are low fat, such as Yummy Dairy yoghurt, ice cream, and Yummy Dairy cheese. These products have been processed in such a way that the saturated fat content has been reduced, but still provide the ‘goodness’ of milk in the form of calcium and vitamins and minerals. Finally, if you curious to have a creatin in making some dairy product menus, you can try to visit and find the recipes.